The Foldable Longboard

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Deck locked safely when unfold:

®BoardUp is constructed with an aluminum kick pad and middle locking hinge that work together to create the folding action possible. By pressing down on the kick pad with the board open, the hinge’s locking mechanism is released. Gravity takes it from there as ®BoardUp folds into a standing position ready to be carried.

By grabbing the logo-engraven handle, the rider can walk with ®BoardUp just like a briefcase. At this point, the board is half the size it was before folding.

If the board is unfolded to ride, the hinge locks to prevent the board from coupling. This patented hinge enables riders to cruise over curbs without the board folding. This patented mechanism guarantees safety and durability throughout all your travels.

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Deck only is available

You can assemble a BoardUp with your preferred wheels, bearings and trucks.Plus you will save some money.

It's sturdy








Easy to carry








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Dimensions: 33″ X 8.5″  || Weight: 7.9lbs || Truck Length: 6″ Kingpin || Deck Material: Canadian Maple Wood

Hinge Material: Aluminum alloy || Wheel Size: 75mm X 51mm (High 80% re-bounce PU material) || Bearings: ABEC 9

Folded dimensions: 16.5″ X 8.5″ X ( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) well fit all normal size backpack.

Trucks and wheels can be replaced by any standard ones. Need to re-position truck on deck(extra 4  holes pre-drilled) if wheel size is > 80mm.

Turns well, smooth ride







BoardUp is fun.


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“It’s folds like origami, but sturdy like tree”  –  Kickstarter Backer

“It is a Game Changer”  –  BoardUp Fan on

“Bloody Brilliant”  –  BoardUp Fan on

“I would use that thing all the time to ride to school. I don’t have a locker big enough for my board so my teachers yell at me if i bring my it to class”  –  Youtube Video Comments (click here to watch)


Built for durability and control

BoardUp is ready for any adventure you throw at it! ORDER NOW!

Built for durability and control

BoardUp is ready for all the adventures you throw at it! ORDER NOW!