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BoardUp – The Foldable Longboard






By kicking the aluminum kick pad on the nose of the baord, the middle locking hinge releases and allows the board to fold up. Once the board is unfolded ready for riding again, the hinge locks back into place and prevents the board from coupling so the board is just like a normal longboard. When the lock is activated, riders can kick the tail of BoardUp® and it will lift up without folding. This patented mechanism guarantees SAFETY and DURABILITY.




CONVENIENCE: Briefcase-like carrying


EASE: Fit the board in your backpack


FUN: Bring it on new adventures


SPEED: Commute to work, a bus stop, or friend’s house

Dimensions (unfolded): 8 1/4″ X 32″

Dimensions (folded): 8 1/2″ X 16″ X 3″ (4 5/8″ at far end) 

Weight: 7.5lbs

Wheel Size: 70mm X 50mm (standard for longboards) 

Truck Length: 6″   Durometer: 95A

Bearings: ABEC 7 (standard for longboards) 

Deck Material: Canadian maple wood 

Hinge Material: Aluminum alloy


BoardUp design is simple as I wasn’t expected. Initially I thought this foldable skateboard may fold when I ride over. or even break when I jump from 1 meter high.  but it didn’t. It’s sturdy and safe. Very cool!

Ian Page

15 years skateboarder, Phonekarma

I do a lot of extreme sports videography work that often has me riding along with the athletes. Boardup is the first longboard option that’s portable enough to bring on every shoot without sacrificing any board functionality. A+ highly recommended!                              .

John Gotcher

Drone developer,12year longboarder

I used the BoardUp for over 10days.  I like this foldable longboard a lot more. it is lighter then what I thought. and pretty durable. well manufactured.Shall be a big sale.

Chris Orsolits

12 year skateboarder, 5 year longboader

I longboard to school often. difficult to find a place to store since the locker doesn’t fit. BoardUp solves this problem without sacrificing any benefits a longboard can provide. I love it.

Alan Lu

High School Student, 2 year longboarder

I love longboarding, but BoardUp offers a better experience with a modern and compact design. There’s no way I’m going back to riding a regular longboard.

Aaron Cantleberry

Engineer,10 years longboarder, GoPro

“BoardUp folds like origami, but sturdy like tree”  –  Kickstarter Backer

“BoardUp is a Game Changer”  –  BoardUp Fan on

“Bloody Brilliant”  –  BoardUp Fan on

“Best board for travel” Kickstarter backer.

“I would use BoardUp all the time to ride to school. I don’t have a locker big enough for my board so my teachers yell at me if i bring my it to class”  –  Youtube Video Comments (click here to watch)




Bin Lu has accrued 20+ years experience as a product manager and designer while overseeing creation processes. His desire is to apply this practice to the new project, BoardUp. a real foldable skateboard that people will use daily.  The main goal of BoardUp is to provide a fast and efficient way of commuting in a form people are already familiar. With the ability to fold a longboard, people can bring it around with ease.