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The Compact Longboard for Travel - BoardUp: The Compact longboard for travel

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V4 revison(12/10/2022 released) has more responsive kick/fold mechanism

∗∗∗∗∗     4.6 stars on Amazon   8.9/10 on trustpilot.com 



30 days money back guaranteed

Dual Motor BoardUp (34″)

Dual Motor Add On

BoardUp Classic (34″)

34″ Deck only








Problems you have when walking in the crowd with a skateboard

1. Mess up your clothes.

2. Accidentally bump into people







Sometimes you really miss the longboard at your favorite vacation spots.

A really portable longboard would be the perfect solution.

It brings back all the excitement and adventure to your trip.

BoardUp, The World’s First Self Folding Portable Longboard

It fits in your small 17″ backpack

A product financed by the kickstarter crowd which

actually lasts and grows( >2k units sold)

Changeable and flexible

Our Patented motor design enables it to be installed on trucks of any brand. You can also reverse the electric version to the normal BoardUp-classic. 

Rugged and Robust

Canadian Maple wood, extra thick board and an extra layer of fiber glass guarantee the durability of BoardUp.

Low maintenance cost

Easily replaceable rubber motor wheels make maintenance easy. Moreover, the entire hub motor fits into any standard trucks. another saving by reusing your truck.


Concave deck and soft bushing

The concave deck makes turning comfortable. The soft bushing makes making sharp turns effortless.

Step To Fold.

Just kick the kick pad to allow BoardUp to fold up for a quick pick-up. Pinching free

Unfold with style

BoardUp is made to withstand your riding style and securely locked while driving. and the rubber in the middle protects you against finger clicks.

Unfold with style

BoardUp is made to withstand your riding style and securely locked while riding. The rubber in the middle protects you against finger clicks.

Penny board vs BoardUp

No sacrifice comfortability to portability

Penny board vs BoardUp

No sacrifice comfortability to portability

Penny board vs BoardUp

No sacrifice comfortability to portability

Designed for travel:

Locks safely when unfolded:

sSafety was our the most significant concern when innovating our BoardUp patented hinge design.

1. Once the board is unfolded, the hinge locks and will not fold up while riding. Even ollies or curb-hopping don’t fold!

2. Four rubber blockers are installed in the middle of the deck and prevents the hinge from getting caught in your fingers.

3. The entire design is durable and reliable. See how we put BoardUp to the test video link.

Patented Hob motor fits in any trucks

It is effortless to put an Electric board back to a typical longboard

The unique locking ring/washer and the nuts guarantee the secure locking between the hub motor and the truck.

The BoardUp  is the only Electric skateboard that can be exchanged for a standard skateboard without changing the truck.  One investment with two benefits.

 Replaceable wheels reduce the maintenance cost

Even our most durable 83A high resilient material made wheels wear out eventually. Replacing the wheels treads instead of the entiree motor wheels saves a lot of money.  




Featured on:

“It’s folds like origami, but sturdy like tree”  –  Kickstarter Backer

“It is a Game Changer”  –  BoardUp Fan on Facebook.com/GoBoardUp

“Bloody Brilliant”  –  BoardUp Fan on Facebook.com/GoBoardUp

“I would use that thing all the time to ride to school. I don’t have a locker big enough for my board so my teachers yell at me if i bring my it to class”  –  Youtube Video Comments (click here to watch)

Longboardbrand.com review link

.Hillside BoardUp review link

altriders.com review link

mansaxis.com review link

Media coverage:

One year warranty on the Folding Mechanism

Loved & trusted by thousands of customers



Reliable, Durable, and Safe




Free Shipping(Domestic)

For international shipping. $19.99 for most countries.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Send us an email at binlu@goboardup. com. We will respond within 48 hours.

Risk Free( No finger pinch)

We will pay you $10 for finding a defect in your boardup received. 


Dimensions: 33″ X 8.5″ , For lite: 30″ X 8.5″ || Weight: 8.7lbs || Truck Length: 6″ Kingpin || Deck Material: Canadian Maple/Glass fiber

Hinge/Kickpad Material: Aluminum alloy || Wheel Size: 75mm X 52mm (High 80% re-bounce PU material) || Bearings: ABEC 9

Folded dimensions: 16.5″ X 8.5″ X ( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) , For Lite: 15″ X8.5″X( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) well fit all normal size backpacks.

Trucks and wheels can be replaced by any standard ones. Need to re-position truck on deck(extra 4  holes pre-drilled) if wheel size is > 83mm.

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One year warranty on folding mechanism

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New Boardup Classic(V4 improved) just arrived finally. No lite version and deck only yet though.

Thank you for being patient with us.

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