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BoardUp: A Portable Longboard for Commute/Travel

Youtuber Ronnie did NOT change the speed mode to H+. BoardUp-E can achieve 23MPH

∗∗∗∗∗     4.6 stars on Amazon   8.9/10 on trustpilot.com 


A vehicle in your backpack. Explore the world with ease

∗∗∗∗∗     4.6 stars on Amazon   8.9/10 on trustpilot.com 


30 days money back guaranteed

Dual Motor BoardUp(33″)

Dual Motor Add On

BoardUp Classic(33″)

BoardUp Classic Mini(30″)




Walking on a busy street with a skateboard may

  • make your clothes dirty,
  • bump into other people


Sometimes you really miss longboarding at your favorite vacation spots.

BoardUp, The World’s First Self Folding Longboard

 A Kickstarter crowd-funded product

that actually lasts and grows

Exchangeable and flexible

The trucks can be replaced by whatever you prefer. Thanks for the patented motor design. You can also convert the electric version back to normal BoardUp-E easily, extremely useful when you run out of battery. 

Rugged and Robust

Canadian Maple wood, extra thick board plus an extra layer of fiber glass guarantees the durability of BoardUp.

Low maintenance cost

Replaceable motor rubber wheels make maintenance simply. Also, the whole hub motor can fit in any standard trucks. another savings by reusing your truck. 


Youtube Reviews

Received positive reviews from big Youtubers including Casey Neistat, Braille Skateboarding, Shonduras and many more.

Step To Fold.

Simply step on the kick pad to allow BoardUp to stand up for a quick pickup. No finger pinch. It is safe

Unfold with style

BoardUp is built to withstand your riding style. It is safe. firmly locked when riding. and the rubber in the middle will protect you from finger pinch.

Unfold with style

BoardUp is built to withstand your riding style. It is safe. firmly locked when riding. and the rubber in the middle will protect you from finger pinch.

Designed for travel:

Penny board vs BoardUp

No scrafice comfortability to portability


Locks safely when unfolded:

Safety was our highest concern when innovating our BoardUp-patented hinge design.

1. Once the board is expanded, the hinge locks and will not fold up while riding. Even ollies or curb-hopping won’t fold it!

2. Four rubber blockers are installed in the middle of the deck and keep the hinge from pinching your fingers.

3. The entire design is durable and reliable. Check out how we put BoardUp to the test video link.

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One year warranty on Folding mechanism

Loved&trusted by thousands of customers



Reliable, Durable, and Safe




“It’s folds like origami, but sturdy like tree”  –  Kickstarter Backer

“It is a Game Changer”  –  BoardUp Fan on Facebook.com/GoBoardUp

“Bloody Brilliant”  –  BoardUp Fan on Facebook.com/GoBoardUp

“I would use that thing all the time to ride to school. I don’t have a locker big enough for my board so my teachers yell at me if i bring my it to class”  –  Youtube Video Comments (click here to watch)

Longboardbrand.com review link

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altriders.com review link

Free Shipping(Domestic)

For international shipping. $19.99 for most countries.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Send us an email at binlu@goboardup. We will respond within 48hours.Problem will be resolved

Risk Free( No finger pinch)

We will pay you $10 for finding a defect in your boardup received. 


Dimensions: 33″ X 8.5″ , For lite: 30″ X 8.5″ || Weight: 8.7lbs || Truck Length: 6″ Kingpin || Deck Material: Canadian Maple/Glass fiber

Hinge/Kickpad Material: Aluminum alloy || Wheel Size: 75mm X 52mm (High 80% re-bounce PU material) || Bearings: ABEC 9

Folded dimensions: 16.5″ X 8.5″ X ( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) , For Lite: 15″ X8.5″X( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) well fit all normal size backpacks.

Trucks and wheels can be replaced by any standard ones. Need to re-position truck on deck(extra 4  holes pre-drilled) if wheel size is > 83mm.

Feel the breeze, your friends will love it too


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One year warranty on folding mechanism

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