BoardUp-E longboard

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Foldable electric longboard. 34″ long( around 33″ 3/4) . 16″(folded).  75mm Wheel.

Limited time offer.end by July 1. Estimated shipping date: July 15th 2018.


  1. Does it come with a remote controller, with a string attached? Yes.
  2. Can I take BoardUp-E on an airplane as carry-on luggage? The new airline requirement for electric skateboards is for the battery to be detached and capacity <100 Watts. If the battery is removed from the BoardUp, it will be allowed as carry-on luggage on an airplane.
  3. Can I also use Boardup–E as a normal longboard if the battery is detached? Yes.
  4.  How long will it take to charge the battery? Approximately 2 hours.
  5. Is BoardUp-E or BoardUp-add on waterproof? It is water resistant for rainy days, but the battery cannot be submerged underwater.
  6. Can I ride the BoardUp-E up hills? BoardUp-E can climb up to a 12 degree slope hill for typical weight.
  7. Can BoardUp-E ride over rough terrain like rocks and long grass?  Probably not.





  1. Motor: 300 watt high performance patented hub motor.
  2. Battery: 80Watts. 36 Volt 2.2Ah Lithium Ion. 10X1(18650). high quality LG 18650 battery.( Since the box is detachable from longboard and motor. It shall be allowed to board airplane)
  3. RECHARGE: Approx. 2 hrs.
  4. Weight: 3.2lbs ( including one motor, one battery, one control circuit)
  5. MAX LOAD: 180lbs
  6. TOP SPEED: Max approx. 20mph
  7. RANGE: Approx.  9 miles.
  8. Controller: Sine wave signal instead of pulse. Low motor noise.  Controller circuit is placed with batteries in one box.
  9. Water resistance: IP45 ( do not support submergence. But it is ok to run through ponds)
  10. Wheel size: 75mm, 83mm, interchangeable.

Package includes: 1 remote controller,  1 charger, 1 T shape driver,  1 83mm replaceable wheel. 1 BoardUp-E.

Final specification may change.

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Weight 14 lbs

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