BoardUp-TeamGee 90mm

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BoardUp co-branded with Teamgee to offer this BoardUp complementary Drop through.15mm ultra-thin H5. Teamgee is one of the first to use a drop-through deck on an electric skateboard and its deck is 15-20mm lower on the ground than most of the electric skateboards, enabling a more stable and confident riding experience. The concave deck makes turning effortless and comfortable; the soft bushing makes the board super handy when it comes to making sharp turns.

  1. Dimensions: 38″ X 8.5″
  2. ESD Control board: Sine wave signal instead of pulse. Low motor noise.  Proven in market by other brands like Meepo, Backfire
  3. Motor: Two powerful patented 380-watt hub motors.
  4. Recharge Time: Approx. 2 hrs. Charging current  1.5A
  5. Weight: 14.6lbs 12oz ( 7.6KG) ( including 2 motors, a battery pack, a control circuit, a full feature BoardUp).
  6. Max load: 200lbs
  7. Top Speed: Max 22mph with 90mm wheels.
  8. Range:  Max.  11 miles. Depends on the weight.
  9. Water resistance: IP45 ( do not support immersion. But it is ok to walk through puddles)
  10. Wheel: 90mm, The rubber wheels cover the hub motor can be easily replaced later easily if it’s worn out over time to save maintenance costs.
  11. Remote Controller:  Has an LCD display shows battery level of both the board and remote controller. Has 4-speed modes for both beginners and advanced.
  12. Regenerative braking: It generates electricity and charges the battery during braking.

How to replace the wheel:

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the outside of the motor.
  2. Remove the cover plate. Now the worn wheel can be taken out for replacement.
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