Longboarding is a great way to commute from one place to another. It’s been around many years and has evolved in many ways. In recent years, many board manufacturers have made attempts to slap a battery and tiny motor on the bottom of their boards for an electronic motorized skate/long board. BoardUp® is now adding themselves to the list.

As 4/9/2017 Version 2 of BoardUp hit our online store and was available for international purchases. However, after further development and reviews from customers, we are working on Version 3 that will be compatible with any standard third party trucks. Version 3 is now under part preparation and is scheduled for production on April 20th with hopes of having availability early May. Just like Version 2, this updated BoardUp will be available online with a few minor changes. Here are a couple things to look forward to:

  1. The trucks locking hinge in the middle of the board will sit is 6mm higher from the ground. Also, 3mm will be shaved off the corner hinge. The reason we’re trimming down is not for good looks, but to eliminate scraping against the ground when taking tight turns or going over Texas-sized curbs.
  2. Our nose and kickpad design is completely revamped and ready for a beating. Not only is the pad is 6mm wider for a wider target, but the cable mechanics is more sensitive for easier folding.
  3. Dynamic deck design. You asked for it, we’re doing it. Many customers wanted to try out their third party wheels which called for some cutting around the wheels. Now, Version 3 will support up to 75mm wheels with a minimum size of 53mm.
  4. Version 3’s handle is getting a new office with more space. We’ve increased the space between the handle and surrounding items in the middle of the board for easier access when picking up the board.

Customers who have one of our boards already continue to remind us of the recent developments in electric longboards and if we were completely honest, this is something we looked into since we first launched. Now that our boards are out and we’re announcing the development of our own electric version, we’d like to take this opportunity to provide a sneak peak at our intentions for the near future.

BoardUp® is developing an electric power train that attaches to our boards. This will ultimately provide a world class commuting experience as it will do all the work for its rider. Since we’re designing this add-on from scratch, we’re drafting a brand new motor layout which includes a new design not introduced in today’s longboard drive trains. We’ll save the features and final design for later to give you a full effect but until then, enjoy our teaser below.s

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