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Knowledge Center - BoardUp: The Compact longboard for travel
How to longboard

I know you did not learn longboarding is because it is  cumbersome to carry around. Now BoardUp is the perfect one to start learning BoardUp.

Here is a serial of how to riding longboard video for you.

The 5 best short longboards

A short longboard is a select type of skateboard. A longboard is generally considered to be short if the length is 33 “or shorter. Most short longboards are in the range of 25” -33 “.

Why would you choose a short longboard for a medium size or a large longboard? What are some of the best short longboards available?

In this message, I will try to give several clear and precise answers to these questions.

Landyacthz Dinghy short longboard

The Dinghy is the very popular mini cruiser short longboard from Landyacthz. With a length of 26 “to 28.5” and a wheelbase of 14 to 14.6 “, depending on the version, it is a short and portable board for cruising and heeling in the city. The Dinghy provides a smooth, reactive and fast running ride, and it comes with super responsive Polar Bear TKP trucks and 63 mm soft Hawgs wheels for comfortable rolling over any surface.


Globe Blazer short longboard

The Globe Blazer mini cruiser is comparable in style and uses to the Dinghy. It comes in 26 “and 32” lengths and a wheelbase of 13.75 “/ 17.5”.

The Blazer comes with Tensor TKP trucks of Globe quality (4.5 “or 6” depending on the cover size) and soft and sturdy 62 mm Globe Conical wheels (82A). Just like the Dinghy, the Blazer is a capable city cruiser with a nice kicktail and a very responsive and curvy ride.

Pantheon Ember short longboard

This is a 32.75 “x 8” short longboard with a vast 25 “wheelbase. It has been specially designed for efficient, concise, and medium distance driving. It offers a very slow-moving platform with double fall height and a thin, narrow profile.

Unlike most drop-through, Ember’s short longboard is designed around TKP trucks, allowing it to support huge wheels without risers (keeping it down) and without wheelbite for rotatability. In addition to pushing remotely, the massive wheelbase of the Cinder also makes it very stable and suitable for some descents.

Arbor Pilsner short longboard

The Pilsner is a hybrid skateboard/cruiser short longboard, designed for street tricks while you still enjoy a much more comfortable ride through the city than on a street terrace.

With 28.75 “x 80125”, the Arbor Pilsner is portable, comparable in size to the Dinghy (and smaller than a street deck).

BoardUp short longboard

It is logical to say that BoardUp knows what skaters want. For the necessity of coming from point A to B, this baby from BoardUp will quickly shoot you down on his deck. It is also a small sign that you can quickly grab once you have arrived at your destination. It can be a larger version of a skateboard, but the shape is entirely different.

Move to the sweet kick tail allows you to pop curbs, perform flip tricks if you want. It scores people first in appearance. The slim design is convincingly combined with the double kick tails that make it possible for all Ollies, Mannies, flipping, and tick-tacking.

The kicktail on this board is exceptionally wheel when you sail around.

It is fitted with ABEC 9 bearings to keep the wheels up to speed. The quarter-inch riser pipe plus the small cut-outs of the wheel also prevent wheel bites from being better than nothing to help. Click here for more info.

Pros and Cons of short longboards

Pros of short longboards

Cheaper than typical longboards

Another great advantage of short longboards is that they are generally less expensive than regular longboards, especially mini cruisers. These boards are usually priced in the range of $ 100 – $ 160.

Quality short drop-through longboards seem to be a bit more expensive ($ 200 +) because the drop-through construction involves a more complex production process. Good hybrid short longboards are also often more expensive (in the range of $ 140 – $ 210) due to the high impact requirements for intensive street and park driving.

Better for cruising

As mentioned, short longboards, especially mini cruisers, are ideal for cruises compared to regular skateboards, thanks to their large responsive trucks and softer wheels.

While longer boards may be easier for longer trips, a short mini cruiser gives you a pleasant and smooth ride on any terrain, with portability on top.

Better for street tricks and park

This is especially applicable to hybrid short longboards. Hybrids are designed for street and park driving in addition to general cruising. They are much better suited for doing kickflips than larger longboards.

Some mini-cruisers with the correct setup – harder wheels and spirited trucks, for example, Carver with CX trucks or Slide – also perform well in the pool and the park.

Cons of short longboards

Harder for larger riders

Short longboards are well with a shorter wheelbase than an average longboard. If you are a larger rider with bigger feet, a short mini cruiser or hybrid may not be the comfortable choice for you.

Likewise, if you are a significant person, the short length can force you into a narrow position, making it less pleasant for cruising and commuting. This applies even more for a short drop-through than for a mini cruiser, because your feet are limited between the trucks (shorter wheelbase).

Heavier, harder to push

The smaller wheelbase on most short longboards makes them warmer. Some short longboards are not very suitable for beginners because they are super responsive and difficult to control for a novice.

Short longboards are less stable at high speed (for example downhill) and more susceptible to wobbling. Drop-through is slightly more durable than top mounts and can feel safer if you drive fast.

Shorter longboard cruisers are more challenging to bridge distances than longer longboards due to lower stability. As mentioned, short drop-through are more comfortable to push because they are lowered on the ground.


Mini longboards are great for cruising around the city and commuting in an agile and portable way. There are different types of short longboards, such as the mini cruisers, the short drop-throughs, and the short hybrid longboards. Each model is designed with a different primary focus in mind, so choose your short longboard based on your driving style and goals.

The 6 Best Mini Skateboards

The skateboard is not limited in doing ollies on a railing or pulling out 1080 on the quarter pipe down.  Adults are looking for a new way to discover that removes the limitations of a commuter bike, buses, and scooters and can now purchase a mini skateboard built for long, straight blacktop rides. Unlike most other small skateboards, these are intended for a more reassuring ride than for most other skateboards.


The Mini Skateboards are relatively small skateboards that offer a good grip. The mini skateboard decks are small but strong enough to provide sufficient support. If you’ve never thought of giving yourself a great mini-skateboard, you’ll get one of these fantastic mini-skateboards after you’ve read these 5 best mini-skateboards. We have analyzed the current market and selected 5 best mini skateboards for you. The features of every little skateboard will only surprise you if you are a fan of extreme skates. Stay with us.


KPC Pro Mini Skateboard

This KPC pro mini skateboard comes with a beautiful color combination of different card images, such as ace, black and white diamond, red and white diamond, blue flame, black and red diamond, heartagram with which you can choose from several options. The ABEC-5 bearings of this beautiful little skateboard together with 52 mm Krown Graphic wheels that offer you the smoothest driving experience. This fantastic mini skateboard is made with high-quality black grip tape that ensures better traction on your feet on the skateboard so that you will experience a tremendous journey.


This 7.75-inch full mini skateboard deck is wide enough for the long skaters. You get better positioning on this little skateboard. Beginners can learn to skateboard better with this mini skateboard very quickly and easily because it is reasonably easy to steer. This mini-skateboard is sufficiently thick and lightweight and at the same time, durable. You can take it everywhere because this mini-skateboard is made thick and yet very light. Especially beginners and children can get extra grip and control with this mini skateboard.


Most of the customers have given it a thumbs up. They enjoy their driving time with this stunning mini skateboard. Most people recommend it as a gift for beginners and underage drivers. So it is supposed to be another best skateboard that you offer smooth and perfect for running and spinning trucks because of its suitable trucks and wheels. This mini skateboard also received a tremendously positive response due to its lower weight.



  • Black Grip tape
  • Black aluminum trucks
  • Cheap
  • Easy to wear
  • Beautiful graphic design.
  • Well-designed form
  • Less bumpy evening on a rocky street.
  • Ensures smooth and perfect driving




  • The grip tape can tear if you do not use it with care.
  • Some complained about the spin of the wheels where most customers gave it a thumbs up for the great turn.


Ridge Maple Retro Style Cruiser Mini Skateboard

Ridge is a fast-growing brand for skateboards from England, which was initially founded as just a small family business. They have set their goal to offer excellent quality skateboards (such as Penny mini skateboards) at a very reasonable price, and that worked out so well. The brand has become known worldwide and receives many positive reviews from its customers.


The brand has a good reputation and only offers high-quality skateboards at fair prices. The quality is outstanding (as many customers have confirmed on the internet), some even compared the quality as good as the quality of Penny Australia. They have reserved their approach to sound quality mini skateboard for little money so far.

These small skateboards are indistinguishable in size as the original from Penny Australia. The comparison of the cards of both brands could not detect any difference (except for their brand logo). Both brands offer high-quality skateboards that are great to ride. However, the mini skateboards from Ridge are much cheaper.



  • Lots of information available about this brand
  • Sturdy enough to do a few tricks


  • High-end materials
  • Canadian 7-layer maple mini skateboard deck
  • Die-cast 3 “aluminum trucks with 90A buses
  • ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth ride.
  • Great soft cross wheels
  • Perfect compact size




  • The grip tape and the cruiser deck are legitimate.
  • Disappointing speed


Cal 7 Cruiser Mini Skateboard

The Cal 7 Cruiser Mini Skateboard is one of the best small skateboards that comes with a cute mini skateboard deck. The Cal 7 Cruiser mini skateboard seems a bit paper thin, but still very beneficial for the mini skateboard deck. The bearings and wheels are so smooth that it ensures an exciting and flawless ride. Unlike many skateboards, the right wheel turns no more than a quarter of the rotations, no matter how often you set it. So isn’t it worthy?


Some skaters are likely to rotate more. If you are part of them, don’t worry, you can loosen it accordingly and ride this tremendous little skateboard with your comfort. The truck of this mini skateboard is made of aluminum and offers a durable service and a smoother ride. It is a very beneficial mini skateboard for both children and adult skaters. And more importantly, if you are just a beginner, this Cal 7 Mini Skateboard offers you even better news, as it is a somewhat cheaper yet durable mini skateboard. It’s great for the newcomers. Do not doubt to give it a try.



  • ABEC-7 offers high-speed bearing
  • 59 mm super smooth and durable wheel
  • Fits in your backpack.
  • Packed as ready for use
  • Shipped as assembled.
  • Made with a 3.255 “truck of all aluminum alloys
  • Great for kids and adults




  • The buttons are a bit tight, so you may have to release it from your comfort.



Rimable Mini Skateboard

Skating with a mini-skateboard is an exciting experience that it is. Day by day, the popularity of Rimable Mini Skateboards is increasing. You can never feel the sensation of skating until you ride it. This little skateboard is designed for people of all ages and stages, such as starter to prof. So you can start and learn to skate with this incredible mini-skateboard, and you can continue to race on this mini skateboard after becoming a pro-rider.


So whether you are an expert or not, you have to be the first to buy this Rimable mini skateboard to experience something new and exciting. It is not only suitable for beginners; it is also the best choice for cruisers and travelers. You can also buy it for your children because it is quite lightweight and the plastic deck is sufficiently flexible and yet stiff enough to support you, so this Rimable Mini Skateboard offers you greater flexibility that is crucial for a smooth ride and control.



  • Fully assembled, Rimable Plastic Cruiser
  • ABEC-7 high-speed bearing
  • Super smooth PU wheel
  • Perfect for all ages.
  • High-quality thick aluminum trucks
  • Affordable price with fantastic quality.
  • Not heavy and can be worn anywhere.
  • Max load weight 198 LB (90 kgs)
  • Ensures smooth driving.
  • 22 “long x 6” full deck with 100% fresh material
  • Smart and colorful.
  • This mini skateboard also has the best screw.




  • A few customers complained that the wheels get dirty quickly and it is not very suitable to drive on the rough road.
  • Wheel bearings are not that great.


Sun Boards 22” Mini Skateboard

 This mini skateboard will surprise your skating experiences with its low price and durable service. You can smoothly fly on this mini skateboard deck and play a variety of tricks with this tremendous cheap but a best little one. The material of this mini skateboard is made of suitable quality plastic and ensures a long driving experience. If you are a beginner skater, you might be able to keep it on the top priority list, because with this Sunboard mini skateboard you can skateboard a lot safer.


The aluminum trucks of this mini skateboard give it the maximum strength to support your full body weight. The urethane wheels give you the feeling that you are flying in the air. This is especially beneficial for the riders, mainly because of the low price with such a high-quality plastic deck and high-quality aluminum trucks. It does not mean anything if you are an expert or just a beginner, you will undoubtedly find it best if you belong to those riders who prefer a mini-skateboard instead of a long-cruiser skateboard.



  • Plastic Deck Injection Molded mini skateboard
  • Offers great durability
  • Great for kids
  • Aluminum Trucks – Including Hex Tool
  • Urethane wheels 59mm 78a – Abec 7 bearings
  • Fully assembled – Ready to ride
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced skateboarding
  • Rated for riders up to 185 lbs.




  • The only disadvantage of this tremendous mini skateboard is the uncertain direction of rolling.
  • You have to test it if it rolls somehow.
  • Sometimes bearings do not perform equally (fixable)


BoardUp Mini Skateboard

Say goodbye to delays, traffic, and uncertainty. With BoardUp Mini Skateboard you jump on the bike lane and in the local streets, and you can go anywhere you want faster than ever before. These Mini Skateboards are designed with portability and storage capacity in mind and offer ultimate versatility in urban, and campus environments.

Sit on your schedule without the worries. When expensive app rides keep you waiting, your personal BoardUp Mini Skateboard is as easy as dropping and leaving.

BoardUp Mini Skateboard patented powertrain delivers distinctive improved performance with instant acceleration and confidence-inspiring brakes. From their vehicle material, their unbeatable quality and reliability to their intuitive design, you will feel the difference. Click here for more info.



The mini skateboard bearings are the common thing to consider, and they are available everywhere. Please make sure they are ABEC certified, around 5 or 3 or so, depending on the skating style of your choice. If you go through the best reviews on mini skateboards, you might get a cheaper bearing set of these five best brands for just a little more money, but that’s not true everywhere.