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Starting June 2nd, we begin the search for avid longboarders to ride BoardUp and represent the company. In a nutshell, our desire is to build a dream team of riders to help get the BoardUp name out to the world. There are three aspects that BoardUp hopes to capitalize on from this program; credible riders repping the brand name, increasing the BoardUp reach in the longboarding culture, and to get more people stoked about the product.

Since BoardUp is still a small startup company, we want to increase in numbers and add to the family. More specifically, we’re looking to sponsor riders who will really experience the product. Our ideal ambassador ranges from anyone who commutes to school or someone who slides and wants to try a new board down the hill. Through our ambassadors will see the application for BoardUp in their own lives and want to give it a run. BoardUp Ambassadors are going to be the living blood of the company as they live the product.

This program offers a BoardUp Longboard to selected applicants and the opportunity to earn 15% commission on any online sales they provide with a customized link. We’re also looking to treat our riders to free gear along with giveaways for their social media pages to help spread the stoke. Check out the details and sign up HERE.

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